Hiking Trails in Tumanyan

Tumanyan forms a hub of hiking trails in the center of Debed Canyon. There are trails radiating out of Tumanyan in all directions. This page is primarily concerned with the trails that have markings to follow, with some minor exceptions.

Tumanyan to Odzun via Kobayr and Horomayri Monasteries

Tumanyan to Avanakar - a short hike any local can direct you on

Tumanyan to Tsater (see Chgnavor chapel separately)

Tumanyan to Alaverdi (connect to other trails)

Tumanyan to Dsegh - via Bardzrakash "the short cut"

Tumanyan to Dsegh - via Karinj (longer version - no Bardzrakash)

Tumanyan to crest of mountains - very difficult, breathtaking views

Tumanyan to Yenokavan (multi-day)

Tumanyan to Sanahin (multi-day)