List of Services

We want your stay to be a lot of fun, and want you to enjoy different activities with our other guests as well. We've therefore made a bunch of stuff available for you to borrow for free, so please take advantage of it!

Games for the field

Croquet | borrow for free

Frisbee | borrow for free

Smashball | borrow for free

Soccer ball | borrow for free

Trac-ball | borrow for free

Common room games

Cards and UNO | borrow for free

Monopoly | borrow for free

Jenga | borrow for free


Tour of Haghpat Mon., Sanahin Mon., Odzun Church, Horomayri Mon. and Mikoyan museum | 2,500 AMD pp minimum 4 people.

Tour of Bardzrakash Mon., Dsegh Village, Tumanyan House-Museum and Tsover Lake | 2,000 AMD pp minimum 4 people

Guided hike - full or half day | ask for price

Horseback riding | ask for price

Debed River Rafting | contact

Hiking and camping equipment

We are considering renting out tents, sleeping bags, bikes, hiking poles and other equipment, so let us know if that would be useful for you in the future | unknown

Currently, the closest place that rents this equipment is the tourist information office at the Dsegh turnoff of the highway. See: